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Mr. Saeed mohammed al balooshi .

The Owner of Abudhabi GSD

The first site in the United Arab Emirates and a German shepherd dog lovers, a pure breed, authentic, and the families of the world champions (grandfather, father, children, grandchildren) since it was discovered in 1899 and until now.

Of course, our site is to give information on the original German shepherd dogs, and how his health care and attention and preservation of the offspring and not hybridization we'll explain more in the section (important information for dogs) and negative results on birth control Shepherd Dog.

Shepherd Dog is one of the best races so far and is known for his worldwide (smart - work -  loyalty - brave - strong) is used in the police and armed forces and private business, for example, (personal protection - protection of property - family - or help with special needs).
We have a puppy from time to time will be advertised on the main page of the site.

Also we have trained dogs, and ready for personal and family protection. Or property, is brought in from outside the UAE. After approval requirements by the owner.

 Our goal of the site is to maintain at a breed of dog original sponsor, such as what is the case in Germany and not to hybridization.
I wish you health and wellness and friend of the Savior (Shepherd Dog).